Our Network

Our Network

Loving Jesus. Loving one another. Seeking the good of Adelaide’s North.

We are a place where you can move beyond busy and fine, where your kids will have a great time, and you’ll hear about how God loves you.

Jesus is at the centre of everything we do and we love talking about him. Our hope is that we reflect the person who brings us together and point to the grace (undeserved goodness and gift) of God to us in Jesus.

Where we came from

In 2010, Trinity Church Modbury was a new church planted by Trinity Church Adelaide.  During its launch, Trinity Church Modbury hoped and prayed that God might use this new plant to further God’s mission beyond itself. Six years later, Trinity Church Golden Grove has started with a group of people sent out from Trinity Church Modbury to start a church community in Golden Grove. Trinity Church Golden Grove started in March 2016 and has been faithfully loving God, loving others and loving our community as we continue to gather each week to open the Bible, teaching faithfully and celebrating the gospel of Jesus.

What matters to us

Trinity Church Golden Grove exists for God’s glory. That is why the Jesus of the Bible is the head of our church. These five principles sum up how we seek to express being a Jesus-shaped community:

  1. We live by God’s grace. God’s undeserved favour to us gives us life and provides the framework for how we live out following him. Repentance and forgiveness is thus a vital part of who we are.
  2. We rely on prayer and the Bible. The Bible is God’s revelation to us about himself and how we have life in him and live out following him. We are dependant upon God’s word in all things. Prayer is the expression of our dependence on God in all things. When we pray, we express most truly who God has made us to be in Jesus.
  3. We believe that God made us for the purpose of having a relationship with him through Jesus. So we are passionate about sharing Jesus with anyone who is interested.
  4. We are a community of people that have as a priority serving each other. As God was other-person-centred to us in the sacrificial death of Jesus, we seek to be other-person-centred with each other.
  5. We value the surrounding community God has placed us in. All people matter. We believe in connecting with the community around us in all manner of ways. Our hope is that we will  provide a valuable contribution to those around us.

Trinity Network

Trinity Church Golden Grove is part of the Trinity Network—a growing network of churches that work together to reach Adelaide and South Australia with the good news of Jesus Christ and the call to follow him.

The other churches are:

Plus, we also have an online gathering for those that can’t meet with us in person.

Visit www.trinity.network to learn more about the Trinity Network.