Loving Jesus. Loving one another. Seeking the good of Adelaide’s North.

Our 10am Sunday gathering is when our whole community comes together, and we’d love you to join us. We are a place where you can move beyond busy and fine, where your kids will have a great time, and you’ll hear about how Jesus loves you.

Because Jesus is the reason for our community, our Sundays are centred around learning who he is, what he’s done and the promises of eternal hope found in God’s word, the Bible. You can expect a Sunday meeting that’s:

  • Open, warm and welcoming to everyone from any background and any walk of life. We know we’re right with God because we’re forgiven, not because we’re good—so we don’t expect anything different of anyone else.
  • Thought-provoking and practical. Jesus isn’t a dead historical figure who has some wise words for life. He’s God’s risen king who is active in shaping who we are—from the big decisions of life to the day-to-day decisions we make. So when we open the Bible and hear about Jesus, we expect to be changed, because the person speaking is alive and knows us like no other.
  • A celebration and thanksgiving for what God has done for us. So we’ll sing about what God has done, reminding each other of the truth, and we’ll pray to God, our Father, who longs to hear from his people.
  • Family-friendly for children of all ages. You can expect to find a segment in each service where the kids will be involved. Then they’ll head out to other rooms for kids programs. Crèche is also provided.

Our one hope is that you’ll hear, see and want to investigate the person who has brought us together.



Head into the main entrance of Pedare Christian School, follow the road to the main office and park anywhere you like – there’s heaps of space available.

When you arrive at the chapel, someone will welcome you and ask for your name and to make sure you use the COVIDSAfe QR code. There’s also a chance to say hello to others and download the service outline from our online HUB. Take a seat whenever you’re ready.


Every Sunday there will be some singing and a Bible reading, then the pastor will speak for about 25 minutes and explain the Bible passage that was read. After that, one of our church members will pray for current issues in the world, for the church and for people in our community. There will also be some announcements about upcoming events. There’s always something in the service for kids as well, before they go out to their own great program. Our Sunday church service runs for just over an hour.


After the service there’s free coffee. This is a great opportunity to meet people and get connected in our community.


We don’t only meet on Sunday mornings. During the week there are other opportunities to learn about Jesus and enjoy time together in Community Groups.


We are working hard at being a COVID Safe church to care for our community and one another. Please observe any signs about social distancing, make use of the hand sanitiser, check in via the QR code and don’t forget to head to the Online Hub to download the service overview, talk outline and fill out a connect card so we can make contact with you mid-week.