Trinity Kids

Trinity Kids

Kids are a big part of our church family because Jesus loved them, and welcomed them to himself. We have a desire to be intentional about leading the next generation of our kids and young people to know, seek, serve and love Jesus.

Trinity Kids

Each Sunday we have a dedicated All Ages talk during the service to help the kids think about the day’s Bible teaching. This comes from our Bible reading and helps get the kids thinking and applying the Bible before they head out in the classrooms to learn, grow and discover what it means to follow Jesus.

The kids will be out of our service during the Bible Talk to prayer and then re-join us just before we conclude.

Who Is Trinity Kids For?

Once a your child can go to the toilet without any assistnce, they are welcome to join us in Trinity Kids.

For kids not quite ready for our formal program, we have a parents room next door to Trinity Kids that has an audio feed to the service so parents can listen and follow along with the Bible talk.

We’d encourage all families to join us in the service for the singing and all ages talk. We love having kids and young families around and don’t mind the noise at all.

Where is Trinity Kids?

Pedare is a big place! Trinity Kids program is held in the class room’s directly behind the Chapel.

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Who Runs Trinity Kids?

Each week two volunteers run our program who are all Child Safe trained and approved. Leaders and volunteers wear blue Lanyards to show their training details.

Resources for Kids and Parents

Some of our favourite books for kids and parents. Looking for more, The Good Book has a great range too.


Bodies and Self Image

Understanding The Bible

Understadning God


20 Questions About God, Man & Sin Book

A small book of 20 question and answers with illustrations to teach your kids all about God’s character.