A Taste Of Life

A Taste Of Life

We think Jesus is such great news for everyone and we’d love to help you think though the claims of Jesus for yourself.

Each year, we run a 5 week course that explores the claims of Jesus over coffee, good food and thoughtful talks. We call it LIFE.

To help us understand the why behind the LIFE course join the rest of your church family for a 1 week Tase Of Life as we dive into the first 2 sessions, enjoy time together and thinking though how we can talk to Jesus with our friends and when the invite to the 5 week, full LIFE course would be helpful.

We really do think that people are curious about Jesus and Christianity and an invite to LIFE can change someone’s life.

We’d love to see you there.

Wednesday, May 4

Note: The full life course is starting at the end of May – June.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect at the LIFE course over 5 weeks: