CMS Dinner – Beyond My World

CMS Dinner – Beyond My World

Join us on the 23rd June at 7:30pm as we hear from CMS Gospel workers around the world, are challenged by God’s word with speaker Chris Wright, and are encouraged that all is within His grasp.

  • Enjoy it from the comfort of your home, or grab your mates and get creative!
  • Organise your church or small group to have a night in and get ready to travel the world!
  • Eat whatever you want, wear whatever you want – and invite everyone!
  • The online format opens the opportunity to gather with those nearby, and invite people remotely to join in

Register here for the online event.

Keynote Speaker

Chris Wright is the Global Ambassador and Ministry Director of the Langham Partnership, which provides literature, scholarships and preaching training for Majority World pastors and seminaries. He taught in India for five years, and at All Nations Christian College, England, for thirteen. As well as commentaries on several Old Testament books, his books include Old Testament Ethics for the People of God;  The Mission of God;  The God I Don’t Understand; and The Mission of God’s People.  Chris was the chief architect of The Cape Town Commitment – from the Third Lausanne Congress in October 2010. Chris and his wife Liz have four adult children and eleven grandchildren and live in London, as members of All Souls Church, Langham Place.