Look Into Life With Jesus

Look Into Life With Jesus

Jesus claims that he alone offers us “life to the full”. Is he right?

This is a five-week series aimed at anyone who wants to explore what life with Jesus looks like, and whether it’s worthwhile.

Each Monday night, we’ll hear a short talk, have a chance to ask any questions you want, with plenty of time to eat, drink and chat together. There’s no cost, the food and drinks are on us, and you won’t be put on the spot in any way. 

We’ll cover the following topics.

DateSession Details
Nov 7The Good LifeEveryone longs for a life that matters. What did Jesus promise about life to the full?
Nov 14The Bible: Fact Or Fiction?Is the Bible true? Can we take it literally? Or is it just full of fairytales and inaccuracies?
Nov 21What’s Wrong? What’s The Solution?Life is tricky, hard and we bump into problems all the time. Why is this? What does a loving God have to say and do about it?
Nov 28Jesus & The ResurrectionWhy do Christians insist that Jesus rose from the dead and why does it matter?
Dec 5 Trust & ForgivenessAre all the claims of Jesus just nice ideas, or, can he really offer forgiveness and the good life?

Each night runs from 7.30pm – 9.00pm, at the Highbury Hotel Function Room.

Life is run in partnership with Trinity Churches Campbelltown, Modbury and Pooraka.