Meet Jesus. Find Life.

Meet Jesus. Find Life.

Have You Met Jesus?

More than anyone else, Jesus has changed the world! God says everything was made through Jesus and for Jesus. And yet, Jesus came into the world as a servant, so we can know God and enjoy a relationship with God. Have you met Jesus? Join us to find out more about the man at the centre of everything this Easter.

Big Questions About Easter

We also reckon that the easter story raises some big question too. Question like: Can we really believe Jesus rose from the dead? Is his death ethical and necessary if God is a God of love? And is eternal life really on offer, or, we are destined to return to dust? These are great questions and Christianity invites you to explore them. We have plenty of free copies of a short book to give away over Easter (Grab one when you come in over) or get it online at the below link.

Hot Cross Buns, Great Coffee, Easter Eggs and the chance to Meet Jesus.